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In the Netherlands alone, companies waste some 536 million kWh of energy a year because lights stay on all night. This is the consumption of some 150,000 households.On Saturday 24 October, Natuur- en Milieufederaties will draw attention to leaving your lights on unnecessarily. Wasting energy is not the only objection, light pollution also disrupts the biorhythm of humans and animals. Veko supports this initiative by not having the facade and advertising lights on between 23.00 and 06.00 at night in the future.



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The coronavirus is spreading and we have also taken further measures. To prevent spread, we keep our departments strictly separated. Breaks are held with no more than 4 people at a time. Our account managers only travel if strictly necessary and no langer visit our regional offices but work from home. For you, this means that we may react a little later than what you are used to from us. We also have a number of people working from home so that the key positions remain available as much as possible in the event of a further outbreak.

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Veko Lightsystems is introducing the Duncan product family: a newly patented lighting system with a wide range of applications in industry, retail, offices, and other non-residential properties. What makes it unique is the microprismatic lens design, which provides optimum glare rating in all conditions. With four different lens optics, the Duncan offers perfect light distribution at every location.

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Veko Lightsystems International BV, specialist in the field of industrial linear LED lighting solutions, and power management company Eaton have signed a cooperation agreement. The collaboration enables Veko to offer central emergency lighting installations and should make companies aware of the safety benefits of these central emergency lighting installations in industrial environments.

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The ADRI-13 detector has been removed from the product range and is no longer available. Fortunately, Veko is able to provide a great alternative, the MD-O detector. Similar to the ADRI-13, this detector is easy to operate, but reacts to both sound and movement. Where the ADRI-13 had to be set up using the detector itself, the MD-O achieves this very easily by means of a remote control. An older detector can be replaced by the MD-O directly. If desired, the settings of the MD-O can be set identically to those of the ADRI-13. The MD-O detector has a five-year guarantee (two years for the ADRI-13). Another advantage of the ADRI-13’s successor is that there are various options to easily integrate the new detector into an existing system (e.g., a connection kit, extra relays). More MD-O specifications. Ordering is easy and convenient. Just send an e-mail to .


Five percent discount in the month of May
Order the MD-O detector and remote control in the month of May and receive a 5% introductory discount. The discount applies only to the installation variant. Free remote control with orders of 20 or more detectors.