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For the new property in Heiloo The Netherlands (and third location) of the Kaptein Group, very careful attention has been paid to selecting the right lighting. After all, sustainability is an important spearhead for this international player in the world of cheeses and butter. In addition, it is of the utmost importance that lighting here is waterproof and dust-free. Veko’s IP65 LED luminaire are right at home here!


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From the AGU warehouse in Alkmaar, around 25,000 different bicycle articles find their way to relations throughout the Benelux on a daily basis. Until recently, the warehouse was equipped with obsolete lighting without presence detection. In order to realize nice energy savings, AGU recently selected Low Power LED luminaires and motion detectors from Veko.


prologis park tilburg

One of Benelux fastest growing online retailers is equipped with Veko lighting. Prologis has realized an expansion of approximately 36,000 m² for Coolblue.nl at Prologis Park in Tilburg. In cooperation with Barth Installatietechniek, Veko has produced and mounted 5.4 km of linear lighting, or 1,500 units, for this project. 



lichtlijnen in tennishal

Industrial LED lighting does a great job in sports environments! The clear, bright light enhances visibility on -for example- tenniscourts to an excellent level, enhancing fun in tennis. And the best part is: energy bills have never been so low. Tennis Association LTV in Berlicum, The Netherlands can certainly agree to this. Its Veko T5 of 1995 has recently been replaced with linear LED.