From February 2023 the light source CFL will disappear followed in September 2023 by the light source FL. This is laid down in the Single Lighting Regulation (SLR) 

and agreed at the European level. Previously, incandescent lamps and halogen lamps have already disappeared from the market.


The reason for banning these types of light source is twofold. On the one hand because there are more energy-efficient alternatives, and on the other because they use hazardous substances such as lead and mercury.


An overview of which type of light source will disappear as of September 1, 2023:

  • CFL ni - as of February 2023
  • Longlife LFL - as of February 2023
  • FL T5/T16 - per September 2023
  • FL T8/T26 - per September 2023
  • FL R T5/16 mm - per September 2023


Logo Veko

Veko expands further. Director Hans Aardenburg received the keys to the 2nd SMD line from Tom Van Tongelen (Director Smd-Tec). With a smooth movement it was put into operation. The 2nd line gives Veko the possibility to produce PCB lengths from 0.1 m to 1.5 m. Because there are several positions to place the LEDs, even more different types can be made.
This expansion ensures that Veko is even more flexible, can work even more efficiently and can produce more products.





Logo Veko

We are proud to introduce our new fixture: the Cador Slimline.


The Cador Slimline is a perfect replacement for traditional separate TL-fixtures. It is robust and simply designed and has a high light output.
Due to its high impact resistance (IK10), the waterproof Cador is highly suitable for stairwells and corridors in parking garages, but also as a supplement to a continuous-row lighting system in maintenance areas, for example. 


More information about the new family member Cador can be found here





Logo Veko

In the past six months, Veko has worked hard on its brand activation. This strategy will put Veko on the international map and make us stand out from our competitors. The first step has been taken: our logo and house style have been freshened up and the colour red is being used prominently in all our communications. Because red has been part of Veko for 45 years.


Our old pay-off has made way for three words that describe the core values of our company:

Clever -> Veko has proud employees who work hard every day to offer the customer a solution. And we do so in our own innovative way.

Swift -> Speed in assembly, but also speed in quoting, producing line lighting & devising solutions.

Solid -> Stands for the high quality that we deliver. Our product but also our service.



Silver Medal Ecovadis

With a score of 58 points, Veko belongs to the top 20% of all companies assessed by EcoVadis. And we are proud of that! 

EcoVadis provides sustainability ratings worldwide. Veko has been assessed on its environmental, social and ethical performance. At Veko, sustainability and continuous improvement are high on the agenda. This assessment helps to make our business processes even more sustainable.