lichtlijnen in tennishal

Industrial LED lighting does a great job in sports environments! The clear, bright light enhances visibility on -for example- tenniscourts to an excellent level, enhancing fun in tennis. And the best part is: energy bills have never been so low. Tennis Association LTV in Berlicum, The Netherlands can certainly agree to this. Its Veko T5 of 1995 has recently been replaced with linear LED.


More than 20 years ago, the tennisclub had Veko T5 line lighting installed in its tennis hall. It worked fine for twenty years, but now it had become time to renew the lighting. LTV went looking for an energy-efficient solution. And again, a Veko solution was found, via installer Elektro van Santvoort.


In only two days, the Veko mounting team has exchanged the 152 luminaires for LED. The luminaires have a diffuse lens, which ensures an even light distribution on the tennis court. In addition, a smart solution has been chosen that directly connects the emergency lighting to the line lighting.