Renovation: up to 90% energy savings

Is your warehouse, distribution centre or sports facility equipped with Veko industrial lighting? Was it supplied some time (decades) ago? Then renovation of your industrial lighting may now be an excellent choice. It is very likely that you just need to convert your fluorescent tubes into LED luminaires: the profiles remain intact. Your investment is low, there is hardly any disturbance in the workplace and it creates dramatic energy savings of up to 90%! More information about energy saving solutions by Veko.

Aluminium profiles are re-used

Our light system profiles are manufactured from durable aluminium. This allows excellent temperature management, leaving the internal wiring intact for years. By solely replacing the fixtures, we create the latest and most efficient LED lighting system available in the market. If you opt for dynamic switching, you will save even more energy.

Not equipped with Veko lighting? Renovation is still a good idea

Was your lighting system provided by another supplier? Our experienced, VCA-certified installation teams can also renovate your lighting in no time and without disturbance in that case. Our lighting solution is future-proof. Whenever the property has other lighting requirements in the future, your Veko system will be ready for re-use. In contrast, most other suppliers’ systems need to be replaced entirely.

Free test setup? Measurements provide certainty!

We are happy to pre-calculate your savings when renovating your business lighting. Furthermore, we can arrange a test setup with new Veko (LED) fixtures at your premises. This gives your employees  the perfect opportunity to decide whether Veko provides them with pleasant, ergonomic lighting conditions. You also get to measure your energy consumption.

Arrange your test setup now.


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